Preparing for Tornado Season: Guard Your Tyler Home with a Whole Home Generator

As the skies darken and the winds pick up in East Texas, the threat of tornado season looms, underscoring the importance of being prepared. In Tyler, this means securing a reliable power source that can ensure safety and comfort during unpredictable weather. A whole home generator from Generator Supercenter of East Texas is one of […]

Whole Home Generators: Powering Tyler’s Businesses Through Spring

In the charming city of Tyler, Texas, the freshness of spring doesn’t just usher in blooming azaleas and mild weather. For local businesses, it also marks the start of a season where power stability is key to uninterrupted operations. That’s where whole-home generators from Generator Supercenter of East Texas come into play, ensuring that power […]

Spring-Clean Your Power Supply: Whole Home Generator Maintenance in Tyler, TX

As the blooms emerge and the spring winds start to blow, it’s not just your home that needs a bit of a dust-up – your power supply does, too. For business owners and homeowners in Tyler, TX, this means ensuring your whole-home generator is in top working order. Why? Because a well-maintained generator guarantees peace […]

Winter Proof Your Home: Generac Generator Maintenance Essentials in Tyler, TX

As the New Year dawns, it presents the ideal occasion for residents of East Texas, particularly those in the Abilene-Weatherford region, to bolster their homes for the year ahead. Among the most consequential improvements, you can make to your residence is the installation of a reliable Generac standby generator from Generator Supercenter. Here’s how this […]

Weathering the Storm: Preparing Your Generac Generator for Extreme Conditions

The unforgiving freeze of 2021 in Texas was a stark reminder of how crucial it is to be prepared for extreme weather events. Power grid failures led to widespread outages, leaving millions without heat and electricity during one of the state’s worst cold snaps. To minimize life’s interruptions, here’s how you can prepare your Generac […]

Air-Cooled vs. Liquid-Cooled Generators: Which Type is Best for Homeowners?

When choosing a generator for your home, one of the most important factors to consider is the cooling system. There are two main types of generator cooling systems: air-cooled and liquid-cooled. Air-Cooled Generators Air-cooled generators use fans to circulate air over the engine and radiator, which helps to dissipate heat. Air-cooled generators are typically smaller […]

How to Protect Your Home from the Biggest Threats to the Energy Grid

The energy grid is essential to our modern way of life, but it is also vulnerable to a variety of threats, both natural and man-made. Here are some of the biggest threats to the energy grid today: How to Protect Your Home There are a number of things that homeowners can do to protect themselves […]

How Homeowners Can Help Modernize America’s Outdated Energy Grid

America’s energy grid is outdated and vulnerable to disruptions, including extreme weather events. While there are many technical challenges to grid modernization, homeowners can play a role by investing in renewable energy and energy storage solutions. Homeowners can help to modernize the energy grid by: Homeowners can also learn more about renewable energy and energy […]

Can You Run A Generator In Extreme Weather?

Power outages often happen when the weather is at its most extreme. But can you run a generator in rain, wind or snow? Fortunately, with adequate protection, you can keep your backup power source running even during extreme weather conditions. Read on to discover how to run your generator during a downpour or a snowstorm. […]

Can Whole Home Generators Handle Blackouts?

If you have ever experienced a freak storm in your area or if you have ever had a blizzard occur, then you’re probably no stranger to blackouts. Sometimes blackouts can last for days, but if you invest in a backup generator, then this can be a literal lifesaver. That raises the question, are there limits […]